Welcome to THET Network

The Network of Textual and Hermeneutic Ecclesiastical Tradition (THET) is one of the forty eight Thematic Research Networks appertained to the University of Aristotle’s Research Committee. THET came from the unification of the Faculties' of Theology and Philosophy Research Groups of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its main target is to study ecclesiastical texts, along with other relative resources and texts, which will assist the effort for a more profound understanding of the historical, cultural and religious environment in which the prophetic, apostolic and ecclesiastical community emerged. More specifically, the main targets which were set upon the establishment of the Network can be described as follows:

  • The validation and digitization of textual printed critical editions of the Church tradition from the 5th to the 19th century.
  • The study of the common Orthodox, Roman-Catholic and Protestant Church tradition. The Holy Scripture, the Fathers of the Church and Orthodox Church Tradition's Synodical Texts are considered as the starting point.
  • The collection of religious texts on the basis of Christianity’s unity.
  • The codification of methodological and hermeneutical principles of the Church tradition (Holy Scripture, Church Fathers and writers, hagiographic and hymnological texts, texts from the field of Byzantine philosophy and history, religious texts, liturgical and musicological texts).
  • The organization of conferences and meetings on fields which are related to Church tradition and theology.
  • The promotion of the literature produced by and based on the great Thessalonian saints, Saint Demetrius, Saint Gregory Palamas and Apostle Paul.

The first formal action organized by the Network was the study of the literature concerning Saint Demetrius. In 2012, A.U.Th.’s senate approved the establishment of the Saint Demetrius and Saint Gregory Palamas Center (Senate Meeting no. 2848/28-8-2012); in 2013 the establishment of the Center for Apostle Paul was approved (Senate Meeting no. 2862/26-6-13). According to the decisions of A.U.Th.’s Senate, part of the actions organized by both centers have been transferred to the university's facilities in Veroia, at the “Christos Tsolakis’ Educational Museum” (Building B) where the School of Pastoral and Social Theology holds its STUDIES IN ORTHODOX THEOLOGY Summer School (Senate Meeting no. 2860/23-5-2013).